4 Benefits of Resolving Divorce Issues Through Mediation

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Divorce can be intimidating–there are many different types of divorce and many ways you can create a divorce settlement. It can be overwhelming to figure out which type of divorce is right for you. A traditional litigated divorce can carry a lot of stress and can take a long time; a collaborative divorce can become expensive, but fosters a healthy cooperative environment; and a mediated divorce brings its own advantages and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for divorcees. It is important to choose the right type of divorce for your family so you can get the most out of a less-than-happy experience.

If you are able and willing to cooperatively work with your spouse to come to an agreement on your outstanding divorce issues, mediation may be the best option for you. Along with the peaceful nature of the process and the lower cost than other methods, there are many advantages to a mediated divorce, including:

1. It Is Easier on Your Children

In traditional, litigated divorces, there is often a lot of stress and tension in the household during the process. Children are very receptive and can sense the conflict between their parents. Divorce mediation is, by nature, a more peaceful process, because your mediator helps facilitate cooperation and meaningful conversation between you and your spouse. This will help you build a foundation for working together to raise your children after your divorce has been finalized.

2. You Are in Control of Your Outcome

One of the main differences between a traditional divorce and divorce mediation is that you get to retain control of the outcome of your divorce. You are not in court with a judge deciding issues such as how your property will be divided or how you will share parental responsibilities. You and your spouse get to make these decisions all on your own, with help from a mediator to make sure you are paying attention to your legal requirements.

3. You Get a More Personalized Divorce Settlement

Going hand-in-hand with being able to control the outcome of your divorce, mediation provides you with a divorce settlement that is customized to meet your needs. Because you are not in court pleading your case before a judge, you get to make decisions that are based on your specific situation, ensuring that your particular concerns are addressed to your satisfaction. You can create a divorce settlement that is unique and fits your family’s needs better than any litigated divorce judgment could.

4. There Is Greater Stability After the Divorce

Another benefit of the collaborative nature of divorce mediation is a greater chance that everyone will be happy, or at least content, with the settlement after it is said and done. Your divorce mediator will encourage you and your spouse to communicate and understand how each other are feeling and thinking. This allows you to create a settlement that will lead to less volatility and uncertainty as you move on to your life after your divorce. You can also return to your mediator in the future if there are any disputes or changes that you want to make to your settlement.

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