5 Ways to Prepare for Divorce Mediation in Illinois

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Preparing for divorce is not easy. In some ways, preparing for divorce mediation can be even more difficult. Because of the cooperative nature of mediation, you have to put aside your differences to an extent and work together with your spouse to achieve an outcome you are both okay with. With all of the benefits of divorce mediation, you should try to prepare yourself as much as possible to facilitate a successful mediation process. Here are some ways to get ready for divorce mediation:

1. Come With Copies of Important Documents

You should come to your mediation sessions with copies of all of the important documents that you and your spouse have accumulated while you were married. These documents should include assets and liabilities such as:

  • Bank accounts
  • Retirement funds
  • Real estate
  • Vehicles
  • Stocks
  • Businesses
  • Mortgages
  • Credit cards
  • Loans

2. Prepare to Negotiate Rather Than Argue

Arguing is probably one of the things that got you into the divorce process, and you should realize that it will likely not help you resolve anything. Negotiating is what divorce mediation is all about. Once you realize that the past is the past, you can focus on looking at the bigger picture and what really matters. The mediator is there to help minimize arguing and promote collaboration, but you have to do your part to be in the mindset to work together.

3. Create a Post-Divorce Budget

It is beneficial to create a budget of your expenses after your divorce, which will allow you to negotiate ownership of assets accordingly. If you know how much money you will need each month to live comfortably, you know how much you need to ask for. Your budget should include:

  • Housing and household expenses.
  • Health insurance, copays, and deductibles.
  • Vehicle expenses.
  • Children’s expenses.

4. Take Care of Yourself Throughout the Process

For many, divorce is likely the most traumatic event they will experience in their lives. It can take a toll on your emotional, mental, and physical well-being, if you let it. Making sure that you are eating healthy, getting enough sleep and exercise, drinking plenty of water, and taking time to relax can help your mediation process go much more smoothly. The more relaxed and at ease you are in your mediation sessions, the more successful they will be.

5. Choose to Work With a Skilled Divorce Mediator

Lastly, and perhaps the most important part of the preparation process, you should make the decision to work with a Warrenville divorce mediator who has extensive experience and multiple success stories. This can make or break your successful divorce mediation, so it is important that you choose a mediator that you and your spouse are both comfortable with. The Law Offices of Nancy Kasko, LLC can help you reach an agreement with your spouse that the both of you feel is fair. Contact our office at 630-836-8540 to schedule a free consultation.



12 Ways To Prepare For A Successful Divorce Mediation